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Second Opinons

Not long ago, I began experiencing chest pains that led to a visit with a local heart specialist.  That resulted in a recommendation for surgery.

Adhering to the adage "Always get a second opinion," I did exactly that.

I went to Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii and saw some of the most competent people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  They cleared their decks and saw to it that I received proper care and attention in the short amount of time I had available to be there.  I want to thank them from the very bottom of my 'good-as-is-but-could-use-some-work' heart.

Turns out, I'm not the ticking time-bomb the local doctor diagnosed me as.

I am thankful for this and won't spend any time contemplating the motivations behind the first diagnosis.  What I will do is jump on the bandwagon and proclaim my support for the Second Opinion.

If you have the time (and I was told I had very little), get that second opinion.  If it matches the first, you can feel confident everyone is on the same page.  If it doesn't, then you need to reassess and maybe get a third.

It could result in one less scar and the opportunity for you to correct something the way nature intended. 

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